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How will we travel in the future?

Mar 9th, 2018 | By

You could be forgiven for concluding from this study that whilst the technology is there, people aren’t yet ready to either pay or feel safe using them!

Saturday snippets: 27th January 2018

Jan 27th, 2018 | By
Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus

The weather seems to have influenced Adrian this week. Floods in Paris, avalanches in Japan and Switzerland but, according to Travelzoo, we want to travel more but spend a little less.

Classifying hotels by how secure they are

Mar 28th, 2017 | By
-security scanners at Movenpick Hotel, Gammarth

Three weeks ago, Travelzoo suggested that hotels could also be classified by how secure and safe they were.

What’s hot in 2017 – according to the travel industry part 3

Dec 31st, 2016 | By
Macchi Piccu, Peru

We continue with the last of the tips we have received for holidays in 2017

Price rises on holidays

Dec 18th, 2016 | By
empty beach

Travelzoo warns us that package holiday prices are likely to rise by at least 10% next year. Even more concerning is that some tour operators believe the increase could be as high as 15% to 20%.

Saturday snippets: 22nd October 2016

Oct 22nd, 2016 | By
Bus sign

Bus arrivals, holiday safety and unhelpful tourism answers by government ministers are some of the things that helped exasperate Adrian this week. But then he was sent a picture of a bus sign…

Saturday snippets: 1st October 2016

Oct 1st, 2016 | By
roller coaster at Blackpool

A new roller-coaster for Blackpool, building changes at Dublin Airport and the beginning of the Autumn foliage display join together in Adrian’s thoughts as National Champagne Week begins.

Concern or reassurance?

Aug 7th, 2016 | By
Sandown beach

Travelzoo also says that 90% of people said they wouldn’t find a security prescence off-putting although I think that figure would drop if they came face-to-face with a patrolling, armed beach guard.

If it’s safe, we’ll holiday there

Apr 8th, 2016 | By
Bournemouth beach

This seems to be the attitude of British holidaymakers at the moment say Travelzoo, releasing their latest research into our holiday habits.

Is your travel agent about to be replaced?

Mar 8th, 2016 | By

Is your travel agent about to fade into the mists of time and be replaced by a robot? I mention it because over her in Berlin at the travel show, a robot which looks like a mannequin is welcoming visitors to the show.

What the industry tips for 2016

Dec 24th, 2015 | By
Costa Rica

Adrian sums up what what the travel industry is tipping for 2016. Do they match where you are thinking of going?

Visiting North Africa

Oct 8th, 2015 | By
Cart driver in Tunisia waving

Travelzoo says that three out of four British holidaymakers are actively avoiding Islamic countries following recent acts of terrorism.