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Google, star ratings and confusion

Feb 23rd, 2021 | By
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May be it is time our Competition and Markets Authority looked at whether there is confusion in the UK?

TripAdvisor and it’s Reviews

Sep 19th, 2010 | By

See the new Charles Starmer-Smith’s piece in the Daily Telegraph, 8th Oct 2010 for another view on how this story is unfolding,
For some time, readers will know that CD-Traveller has urged caution in looking at the reviews on comparison/review sites. In the past there has been evidence of reviews written by rivals, reviews that have been scathing and untrue. Equally some companies have written their own which praised to the heights their own offerings. Most are genuine but which do you believe.
Now about 400 hotels and restaurants have banded together as the Cloud Industry Forum and claim that some reviews are false and/or unfair and border on defamation. They are considering a group defamation action.

Back to Internet Travel Reviews

Oct 16th, 2009 | By

I have been a sceptic about reviews as readers will know. Their reliability, trustworthiness and volume all needs dissection before you start to believe some of them. Now two travel research groups, PhoCusWright and Compete, have produced some research showing that the number of people visiting these sites is dropping. Between October 2008 and this month the number of people consulting sites like TripAdvisor and IgoUgo has dropped from 55% to 46%.

Trusting Travel Review Sites

Jul 1st, 2009 | By

Travel review sites like TripAdvisor have mushroomed in the last few years with each claiming to offer something slightly different,- a greater volume of reviews, a wider coverage of reviews and so on. There has always been a suspicion that some might have been written by the hotels or guesthouses themselves.Now a hotel owner in Spain claims a rival wrote a less than praiseworthy review and an English hotel said that they wrote their own reviews. True or not, should you believe what you read?Aren’t
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