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Airline passenger behaviour

Oct 31st, 2012 | By

Usually I can sympathise when passengers become upset and angry when problems occur. But I think passengers in an incident in Shanghai were downright unreasonable if a story in the Sydney Morning Herald is to be believed.

Melbourne to London in two hours

Oct 25th, 2012 | By

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian scientists have developed a material that could enable us to fly 12,000 miles in two hours.

Travel Stereotypes

Jul 26th, 2010 | By

Travel broadens the mind.

For some people though it introduces them to pictures of people and nations that stay with them even though they have got out of date. For example, the Germans, rise at the crack of dawn to put towels on the sun lounges. The Americans are noisy and think that you can visit Edinburgh in the morning and do Buckingham Palace in the afternoon. Parisians are rude and India is dirty and poverty ridden. Spain is only ever sunny. English men wear bowler hats and all Welsh men sing. (Well here’s one that can’t) Australians drink beer like no others and kangaroos wander down the main streets of Sydney. Czech, Hungarian and Polish food is boring, Italians chase women, the Dutch are dour and Egyptians will haunt every corner trying to sell you anything. The Japanese are camera obsessed, the Swiss are short on humour but the Irish are jolly and break into music at the drop of a hat.

Is any of this correct?