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For Gourmet Cooking: The South West

Feb 17th, 2011 | By

According to the new Lonely Planet edition of its guide to the South west, this region has overtaken the rest of the UK for its culinary appeal. Only London can rival it the guide says. Those of us who have been regular visitors to Cornwall, Devon and Somerset have long known that good food was there to be found in abundance. And not just in Michelin starred restaurants either although the guide tends to highlight these.

What Have the Tourist Boards Ever Done For Us?

Sep 25th, 2010 | By

What Have the Tourist Boards Ever Done For Us?
It’s a facetious question of course. They are there to provide us with information and suggestions of where we might holiday. They are a support group who, when we are stranded for ideas or accommodation, ride to the rescue. But they are undergoing change and what we have now may be different in the future. The main regionaltourist authorities such as South West Tourism and Welcome To Yorkshire are funded by the regional development agencies. But this are being wound up by the government. Funding will come from elsewhere but it has led to cutbacks already. South West Tourism will cease to exist as from next April and Cumbria Tourism has faced large cutbacks already.