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Five low key American destinations

Jan 23rd, 2015 | By

Glendale will be getting a lot of love next week when the city hosts the 2015 Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium. But if you’re not a NFL aficionado, leave the Arizona city to the athletes and their fans and check out these five intriguing yet underrated US cities

Santa Cruz celebrates

Apr 14th, 2014 | By

Santa Cruz is creating a buzz

New roller coaster for Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Jul 5th, 2013 | By

New ride announced at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Air Europa launches new route to Bolivia

Dec 29th, 2012 | By

Twice-weekly flights to Santa Cruz are now operating from Gatwick via Madrid

Surfin’ Santa Cruz

Jun 13th, 2012 | By

Kaye Holland makes waves in sunny Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz secrets

May 19th, 2012 | By

Approximately 1, 65 miles south of San Francisco, lies the quintessential californian beach town of Santa Cruz. Come for the surfing but stay for the quirky shopping, sensational meals and mountains, says Santa Cruz resident Kayla Peterson

California’s green scene

May 1st, 2012 | By

Thanks to shows such as the Real Housewives and MTV’s Laguna Beach which see skinny socialites and rich kids cruise up and down the Californian coast in their porsches, you don’t immediately think of California as a green destination