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Getting Around Venice

Jul 20th, 2010 | By

The American humorist, Robert Benchley, (grandfather of Peter Benchley who wrote “Jaws” another water linked product) sent a telegram from Venice to his publisher saying “Streets flooded. Please advise.” And because travel writers have come up with nothing quite as pithy, the quote comes up in many travel pieces about this iconic tourist destination. It summarises precisely the problem in getting around Venice. You walk, take water taxis, the alilaguna or the vaporetto/motoscafo,- the water bus. But remember what you take as luggage, you have
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A Short Break in Venice

Jul 19th, 2010 | By

Can there be anyone in the UK who hasn’t heard of Venice? With a rich, unique heritage there is nowhere quite like it. It is ideal as a short break being compact and it allows you time to decide what you should come back and see at greater length. This is not for those of you that like beach holidays. Those of you can stay on the Lido, if you want but, in fairness, the beach is like any other. For those with children who
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