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Kenilworth and Warwick Castles: A Photo Feature

Jul 27th, 2010 | By

Kenilworth and Warwick are two of my favourite castles in the UK. It always makes me smile that they are so close together geographically but so far apart in almost every other respect.
Kenilworth is the ruined and wounded fortification perched at the edge of Kenilworth It’s a massive sprawling building draped over a gently rolling hillside with its red stone catching the light at sunset and coming to life as the day ends. Visit Kenilworth if you love romance and the stories that surround romance. It has inspired great writers like Sir Walter Scott and has an engrossing story to tell of a powerful Earl and a queen of England. The romance ruined the Earl and his life ended like his castle appears now, in tatters.
Kenilworth then is low key and understated both in its appearance and the way it tells it’s story. Wander round at ease and undisturbed, take in the beauty of the building and the surroundings and let the messages slowly sink in.
But the building still gives the full sense of the power and vitality that the place once rang to. A real sense of the times in which it was created and it is one of the finest castles England has to offer.