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The Good and the Bad

May 24th, 2010 | By

Let’s start with the good news.
It could be that the Icelandic volcano which has caused so much grief to air travellers over the last 2 months has stopped erupting. Experts say that the volcano has gone quiet. It would be nice if it was quiet for the next 100 years.
Just after I left the largest US trade travel conference, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it hoped that the I-94 green/white forms that visitors have to fill in would be done away with by the end of the Summer. This means that you will only have to complete the ESTA requirements online.

Visitors Entering and Leaving the USA

May 16th, 2010 | By

UPDATE: 17 MAY the Department of Homeland Security tells us that the greeen I-94 card will still be used for the time being (probably at least a year) as things run in parallel until a decision is made on when the I-94 can be dropped. They also confirm that on your first entry to the US you will have to have all 10 fingerprints made but on subsequent visits only the four fingers of the right hand will be required to be fingerprinted as this will provide a sufficient match with the previous data that they have recorded

ESTA is Live

Feb 28th, 2010 | By

Visitors to the United States have been used to filling in a I-94 green form which was required by passport control. For the last year they have been trialling the electronic version of this which goes under the name of ESTA. This system will replace the green form in March so it is essential that if you plan to holiday in the US you complete this electronic form before you board your flight. Failure to complete the form means that you will not be allowed to enter the US.

Going to the USA: ESTA is no Replacement. Yet.

Mar 2nd, 2009 | By

I went to the the USA last week for the first time since they introduced the new ESTA rule. To remind you, this is the rule that says you have to apply online before you depart and submit bits of information that you usually filled in on the I-94 form. (You get the I-94 either at check-in or on the flight and you submit that to immigration.)On the ESTA form you covered most of the same details but you also have to submit your accommodation
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