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Forcing People to Take Holidays

Sep 10th, 2010 | By

There was a headline in the Australian Financial Review, AFR, (the Aussie Financial Times equivalent) that said “Everyone needs a big holiday.” You might have thought that this was one of those health articles that says that we function better after taking a 14 day holiday from work enabling us to return recharged and invigorated. But no, the health aspect was barely covered.
Whereas in the UK it is often the case that if you don’t take your holiday with 12 months you lose the entitlement, it appears that, in Australia, you can add the days up.

Stress Stops Us Taking Holidays

Jun 4th, 2009 | By

It’s time for another in our series of odd surveys.This time it is one commissioned by Teletext Holidays. It suggests that people are unwilling to use all of their holiday allowance for fear they will use their jobs. Over a quarter of us fear that taking too much time off can make a person potentially more likely to be made redundant.Are we really so gullible?Holiday entitlement is enshrined in law, the minimum being 20 days off. To be fired because they are not taken would
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