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China’s Heritage Appeal

Jun 8th, 2010 | By

China has visitor appeal on so many different levels. The culture and lifestyle is different, but above all the heritage is a draw. We might find an Anglo-Saxon hoard in Staffordshire with over a 1,000 jigsaw pieces of our history but imagine finding 20,000?
In the mountains of Zhongwei, the Chinese English language paper, Global Times, has reported that they have found 20,000 rock paintings in a six month survey of the area. The oldest ones date back to the stone age. That they found so many is not the staggering feature of the story since they expected to find about 10,000. That 80% of all China’s rock paintings have been damaged by humans or erosion is not really the story although this means that China could have one hundred thousand rock paintings where we get elated if we find a couple. This comes on top of finding yet more terracotta warriors a month or so ago. The story is that there is so much in China still to be found and seen.