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Holiday refund note deadlines moved

Jan 30th, 2021 | By

Holiday credit notes for those people who had their holidays cancelled because of the pandemic will have a longer shelf life.

Charging companies interest

Oct 27th, 2020 | By

As part of ATOL bonding, why couldn’t there be a clause stating that money refunds and compensation must be paid within a set period

Between a rock and a hard place

Apr 22nd, 2020 | By

Travel companies are between a rock and a hard place. To obey the law will cripple some. Not to obey will lose loyal customers from future bookings and possibly cause their collapse.

More protection for air passengers

Dec 23rd, 2019 | By
passenger flight delay compensation

The government has decided that if an airline goes bust those airline passengers trapped abroad will be repatriated to the UK in the same manner that those who were ATOL bonded have been.

The end of Thomas Cook?

Sep 23rd, 2019 | By

At 2am UK time today the end finally came. The board of Thomas Cook called in the liquidators. The oldest tour operating company in the world had ceased business.

Time to book that holiday?

Jan 3rd, 2019 | By

Deal with a company that is bonded so that you don’t lose it if a problem concerns. Buy your trip on a credit card (not a debit card or with cash) so that you have redress in case of an issue and perhaps, most importantly, take out travel insurance.

Protection for school trips (and others)

Sep 12th, 2018 | By

The CAA advises both schools and parents to check that any school trips involving air travel, booked for the coming academic year, are fully protected by the ATOL scheme.

The new package holiday laws

Apr 27th, 2018 | By

In July, new regulations come into being which will provide greater protection to many but not all holidaymakers.

Passenger compensation for airline failure

Jan 11th, 2018 | By
Image of a Monarch plane

The time has come for air passengers to be treated like those who buy holidays and for them to be provided with protection.

Londoners not holidaying in Spain

Jan 2nd, 2018 | By

From research conducted by ATOL (which I mentioned last Saturday,) it appears that Londoners are less likely that people from other parts of the UK to holiday in Spain.

National Consumer Week

Nov 27th, 2017 | By

This week is National Consumer Week, a week in which there is supposed to be publicity of consumer issues. So far, all I have seen is a warning about automatic renewal memberships such as those employed by some gym clubs. News about consumer issues in the travel industry haven’t come to the fore but the week is young and there is still time. Although EU261 is a European Union rule enabling a person to claim if their flight is delayed or cancelled, the British government
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Saturday snippets: 28th October 2017

Oct 28th, 2017 | By

Greater protection for air passengers, Ryanair’s baggage policy and new museum about dogs occupy some of Adrian’s thoughts this week.

The end of Monarch?

Oct 2nd, 2017 | By
Image of a Monarch plane

Update: 3/10/2017. Yesterday 12,000 people were returned to the UK on planes chartered by the CAA. A similar number are expected today. Most returning passengers say the systems for getting holidaymakers back home is working.

Tourism and the Queen’s Speech

Jun 22nd, 2017 | By

The government announced that there will be a Travel Protection Bill which, it says, will improve protection for holidaymakers by updating the UK’s financial protection scheme for holidays.

Consumer protection for travellers

May 11th, 2017 | By

Here is a summary of what you can do before you consider buying and what to do if the service or product you buy is not what you consider you have bought.

Saturday snippets: 7th January 2017

Jan 7th, 2017 | By

The new year has stared as the old one ended; there is a planned strike at BA, shootings – this time at Fort Lauderdale – but cruise companies may issue medallions in the future to record what you do on board.

Beware of travel fraudsters

Jan 5th, 2017 | By
empty deckchair

As people book, they should be aware that this is also the time that fraudsters try to part money from our wallets.

Monarch: book or wait?

Oct 1st, 2016 | By
Image of a Monarch plane

I’m in two minds about Monarch. Should I book a flight or not?

The Lowcost Travel Group lessons

Jul 19th, 2016 | By
cartoon of an unhappy suitcase

This has been the biggest holiday collapse for some time yet the mainstream media hasn’t given it much attention especially since the company was not ATOL bonded.

Remembering the warning signs

Jan 7th, 2016 | By

As the holiday booking season moves into full gear, the scammers, the fraudsters and the less than honest will start their fun and games as well.

Let’s plan a summer holiday

Dec 27th, 2015 | By

You can tell the Christmas holiday period is over when the summer holiday ads start appearing. ABTA is playing its part again by plugging its members

Saturday snippets: August 29th 2015

Aug 29th, 2015 | By

Some of the less well publicised events happening this bank holiday weekend and next week attract Adrian’s attention this week.

ATOL Reminder

Dec 30th, 2012 | By

The Civil Aviation Authority – CAA – expects that two million of us will book holidays in January. But will our holidays be protected if the tour operator goes bust?

ATOL certificates arrive

Oct 1st, 2012 | By

From today ATOL certificates are handed out to anyone booking ATOL protected holidays. The short answer to the question about what happens if you don’t given a certificate by your travel agent is that you probably aren’t covered in case of a problem. But ask and check.

Shouldn’t we have true holiday and flight protection?

May 3rd, 2012 | By

Last Monday the new regulations for bonding came into force. Now a report from MP’s on the Transport Select Committee welcomes what has been introduced but says it doesn’t go far enough. In fact, in some places, the report is very critical of the government.

Air passenger advice

Jan 15th, 2012 | By

Tthe new user-friendly pages from the CAA provide advice before and during your flight as well as what to do if something isn’t up to scratch!

Look for the ATOL logo

Nov 23rd, 2011 | By

The familiar slogan goes, “Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it.” Regardless of what you think of the viability of Thomas Cook – or even TUI or any other ATOL bonded travel company- you can still book confident in the fact that your money, if not your holiday, is as protected as it could be.

Government announces ATOL Reforms

Jun 23rd, 2011 | By

One of the worst kept secrets was finally let out of the bag today when the Department of Transport published its thoughts on the future of ATOL, the scheme which protects holidaymakers from their suppliers going bust and leaving them stranded either before or during their holiday.