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French strikes tomorrow

Dec 4th, 2019 | By

From tomorrow morning there will be a strike which will cover all means of transport to and within France.

Disconnected passengers

Sep 6th, 2019 | By
mobile phone

Both the plane and the ground work in little cocoons. Breaking that, said Gaense, will lead to more personalisation than is currently available.

Strikes galore!

Jul 5th, 2018 | By

Strikes in France and Italy on Friday and the weekend continue a long series of disruption that travellers have had to put up with for months.

Transport strikes in France

Apr 3rd, 2018 | By
Eurostar trains

If you are travelling or holiday in France during the next three months, be warned. A series of rolling strikes might make life difficult for you.

What’s hot: November 2017

Oct 31st, 2017 | By

Just About Travel tells you what’s hot in the travel world

Saturday snippets: 30th of July 2016

Jul 30th, 2016 | By

In a week full of incident, peachicks, penguins, an Air France strike and Pokemon Go take Adrian’s attention before he goes off to visit the Big Cheese in Caerphilly today!

Saturday snippets: 10th October 2015

Oct 10th, 2015 | By

Curries and chocolate may dominate next week but Adrian also looks at airline seat design and coach visits to Rome.

Keep airlines happy. Give them a donation

Feb 21st, 2014 | By

A report today from the Irish orgainsation, Airtaxback, claims that passengers haven’t claimed back over £3.4 million of their own money back from airlines.

Saturday snippets – 16th November 2013

Nov 16th, 2013 | By

Adrian considers – among other things – how fresh Lady Gaga’s meat dress might be, thanks bikers on the M25 and wonders why pets and service personnel seem to be better treated in America.

French air transport strikes

Feb 4th, 2012 | By

If you are flying to France this coming week be aware of a four day strike.
From Monday till Thursday, 6-9th February striking pilots, cabin crew and ground staff will be protesting…

Free flights with Air France

Mar 2nd, 2011 | By

Up until 9th March, Air France is giving you the chance to win one of 2 pairs of tickets it is giving away every day. Access is via their facebook page ( we’ll give you the weblink in just a moment) and all you have to do is to guess where the daily photo is. Then you could win a round trip of your choice from the destinations they fly to. And given how big Air France’s network s, that gives you a fairly wide choice. So click on and good luck. You can enter each day as long as you can identify the photograph. And if you win, let us know where you chose to go to and why for the benefit of the rest of us who may not hve been so lucky!

Smotherers and Hotel Desperados Wanted

Dec 1st, 2010 | By

Along with Underpackers, Cheap-O-Sauruses, Signalers, Touristpedias and Valentiners you are invited to enter the latest Air France competition where the main prize is a trip for you and 3 friends to anywhere in the world. But can you enter if you aren’t one of these groups? No. Air France has decided that we all fit into one of these seven. And for a trip to anywhere on their network I’d be prepared to put myself in a box so I think I am a Touristpedia.
Here, from their competition page, are all the groups. Where do you fit?

What’s hot and what’s not for July 2010

Jul 2nd, 2010 | By

CD Traveller tells you what’s hot in the travel world

Easter Holidays

Mar 25th, 2010 | By

I was quite surprised to find yesterday that the first local school had just broken up for Easter. In my mind it was still weeks away but in fact Good Friday is only 2 weeks tomorrow.
After the winter we have had it wouldn’t surprise any of us if bookings to the Spanish resorts and warmer areas was the main appeal but personal finances being what they are, some of us will think of taking no breaks at all. And for those that do go, there could be quite a few handicaps to going away. First there are the railways. The RMT union is considering scheduling a nationwide strike because of what it says are safety issues that may occur when Network Rail lays off staff. . You probably need to be an expert to know if safety was an issue. Needless to say, Network Rail says there is no problem and you have to wonder whether if safety was the issue, the union wouldn’t have called the strike as soon as it legally could. By striking at Easter, the cynical amongst us begin to wonder.

Obese People Buy 2 Seats?

Apr 17th, 2009 | By

United Airlines has announced that obese people will have to buy 2 seats unless there are spare seats on a flight.As you might imagine, this has caused a little ripple of comment. Ripple did I say? In Chicago where United is based, the Chicago Tribune has had 265 comments on their website. The online news report, Huffington Post has had 786 comments with 67% of people polling on the site in favour.Southwest Airlines has had this policy for some years but I can’t recall it
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British Airways and Concorde

Apr 9th, 2009 | By

What a difference a couple of days make.Earlier this week I was congratulating BA on the calm, understated pleasant flight I had.Yesterday The Times reported that BA was considering selling the Concorde it has at Heathrow to a group of investors in Dubai where it will be grouped with the QE2 and marketed as a joint tourist attraction..BA seems to have a blind sport about Concorde. This was a plane that was one of the handsomest planes ever designed; this was a plane that, thirty
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