“Silver tourism ” in the Canaries

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As more of us reach an age when we can be described as silver holidaymakers, the Canary Islands have investigated the market and come up with some new plans.

These days, a silver holidaymaker is described as anyone over 55. They tend to travel for longer, spend more and travel more often than youger generations.

With existing silver holidaymakers providing – in a normal year – about €385 million in revenue to the islands, the objective of the Canarian strategy is to double the “silver” tourist spending to €770 million per year.

The slogan being used by the tourism ministry is “Take a life break in the best climate in the world”.

According to the ministry, the silver economy accounts for 25% of GDP in Europe and more than 45% of world consumption. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that the population aged 60 and over will make more than 2 billion international trips in 2050

The “silver-plus” visitor is one of three segments of long-stay tourists, together with the new phenomenon of remote workers and professional sports tourists, to whom Canary Islands Tourism will be targetting by allocating a budget of €1.5 million in 2022.

Except that the camapaign bgan this month in anticipation of attracting some winter long term tstayers.

In 2019 tsilver holidaymakers accounted for 4,514,000 visits, 34% of the overall number of Canary Islands arrivals. In addition, average spending is €2,907 per trip, compared to €1,137 for the remaining segments. They are savvy trip organisers who often travel as part of a couple, visiting many cultural sites.

Expect to see you local travel agency or tour operators more heavily promoting the Canaries than usual in the next few months

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