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Just a few days after the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps said there was no need for pre-departure tests for incoming passengers to the UK, the British government is bringing them in as from 4am on Tuesday morning, 7th December.
The Scottish and Welsh governments have already announced that they will also follow the Westminster lead.

For passengers going abroad in the next couple of weeks this is an deterrant, the only glimmer being that a lateral flow test will due instead of the PCR one.

What has the government and its medical advisors seen in the data that wasn’t to be seen last Tuesday is the question that people are asking. Cases have jumped from just a few to over 190 in the UK but would this be enough to cause testing before returning to the UK to be introduced?

Is it that the government is just following other countries like the USA which has introduced a similar measure? As it is, it will have to live with the ignomy of bringing in precisely what the Labour Party called for earlier in the week and no government likes to do that.

Is it that by moving now the governments are hoping to slow cases so that they don’t have to take action over the Christmas period?

Whatever justified the move, the travel industry is unhappy and has been wheeling out figures stating, that the introduction is dire, a hammerblow and probably suggesting that the heavens are likely to fall in. But they would say that wouldn’t they?

Some medical experts think testing should have been imntroduced earlier. Some believe that international travel shouldm be curtailed. But hindsight is a wonderful thing.

It all remains to be seen whether these latest governmental actions are temporary or the start of something that might impact Christmas travel.

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