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This is a popular time of the year to visit France. The markets, the ski-ing and weekend breaks are all popular but visiting France has becomea little bit more complicated and this is not due to Brexit but to omicron and the continued concern about COVID.

The UK remains on France’s orange list which means that if you are not fully vaccinated you will be denied entry unless it is for an essential reason.

But here are the changes that are about to come into force.

If you are travelling to France on or after the 15th of December, those aged 65 or over who have been fully vaccinated for more than six months and five weeks will need to demonstrate that they have received an approved COVID-19 booster injection in order to get the pass sanitaire (a QR code) in France.

And you need a pass sanitaire for access to many events as well as museums, cinemas and bars as well as long distance train services.

It is becoming apparant that the booster shot is essential for you to be considered fully vaccinated.

From 15th of January 2022, those aged 18-64 who have been fully vaccinated for more than seven months will need to show that they have had an approved COVID-19 booster in order to access the “pass sanitaire” in France. This applies to all visitors to France.

Your NHS Covid Pass will be sufficient to show that you are fully vaccinated ( and have had a booster) but only if it is dated after November 1st 2021. If like me you have a pass dated in October, forget get; it will be rejected so apply for a new one well in advance of travelling just in case there is a hiccup somewhere along the line.

Will other countries follow suit and demand evidence of a booster in order to show that you have been fully vaccinated? Probably. Two jabs will not be enough.

Incidentally, PCR and rapid antigen tests are no longer be free for international travellers visiting France. The cost of these tests will be €49 for PCR tests and €29 for rapid antigen tests.

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