Another day, another rule

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Following onn the announcements of travekl restrictions yesterday, Boris Johnson has just announced new measures.

All travellers coming into the UK must take a PCR test by the end of the second day after their arrival.

In addition, they must self-isolate until they receive a negative test result. That probably means that incoming passengers will have to self-isolate for up to about 72 hours.

Having had to organise a PCR test last week, the system from applying, waiting for the test kit to be delivered, returning it in one of the Priority post boxes and getting the result took a liitle longer than the three days but I could have arranged it faster if I had gone through a drive-through testing station.

The travel industry will be badly hit and listed companies will see share drops on Monday. The industry can only see a case of deja vu and wonder when it might get back to normal. Or at least when will it normalise for tho that survive!

The new rules will last for three weeks at which time the results of a review will be announced.

But three weeks takes us up to the 18th of December – just one week before Christmas.

If things do not worsen in that time, it would seem that the British government is taking action now to protect Christmas and family get-togethers.

Johnson said ,during his press briefing, that he does not want to stop travel and even banning travel will not stop the further arrival of the variant on top of the two cases so far identified in Chelmsford and Nottingham.

If it won’t stop the Omicon variant entering the UK, why the new travel rules?

Because, the purpose is to try and slow down any spread thus removing some potential pressure from the NHS.

But many who have been considering taking an overseas Christmas holiday may have second thoughts as travel confidence is still fragile.

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