Planning on visiting Madeira?

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The island of Madeira, is a popular winter sun destination for Britons.

For a few months it has looseend rules relating to COVID due to an ever-increasing vaccination take-up.

However the authorities have re-introduced some rules that suggest the virus is spreading on the island despite vaccination.

You will now have to be tested to enter indoor venues as Madeira returns to what it calls a ‘state of contingency’.

As from November 20th, if you go into and significant sporting venues, use the buses or ferries, cable cars or taxis, you will need to be able to show either a negative antigen test or proof of vaccination This also applies to entry to restaurants, bars, clubs and gyms, museums and any Christmas festivities.

For a seven day break in Madeira only one antigen test should cover you for the week as the new rules says that you need to take an antigen test every seven days. A fortnight’s break is going to mean two tests and for those staying the winter you will need to take tests throughout youy stay.

The rules don’;t apply to those under 12 or those with underlying health issues meaning thbey cannot be vaccinated.

Two points need clarification and to which I don’t have an answer yet so check with yiour travel agent or tour operator.

There is some doubt as to whether the pass is needed to enter shops, particularly supermarkets. Hotels will have their own rukles and you will be made aware of these on arrival.

The other is what “fully vaccinated” means. Does it mean having a booster? If it does then visitors may be treated as being unvaccinated.

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