Austria has a lockdown

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For ten days, Austria has announced it will have a full lockdown for residents who haven’t been fully vaccinated.

iamge of the winter in Austrian Tyrol
the Austrian Tyrol will be hoping COVID-19 numbers come down before the holiday season starts

The Netherlands has something similar as do some states in Germany.

Will this approach be replicated elsewhere?

It could happen especially in countries like Bulgaria and Romania where vaccination numbers are lower than the EU average.

What does this mean for British holidaymakers especially as some of the countries concerned are about to open for the skiing season.

It probably means that if you are not double vaccinated and you decide to travel abroad you could be spending the majority of your holiday shut up in a hotel room allowed out for exercise, food and the need to visitv chemists or doctors.

I feel that this is likely to be the path the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will face over the winter.

Over the last few weeks, there has been a rsing number of casesc throughout Europe. In the Austrian capital – Vienna- for example, all nine cases in an ICU unit in one hospital are unvaccinated. That is what is making politicians wary about the future winter given the relativly high numbers of unvaccinated or not completely vaccinated in some countries.

Anxious not to damage their economies now that some countries are growing and recovering, politicians are seeking stronger measures to protect their countries from the vaccinated. By imposing lockdowns, they must be hoping that doubters will get vaccinated and thus release medical services from continuous pressure.

But for those not willing to discriminate between the vaccinated and the partially or unvaccinated it can mean that those that are fully vaccinated will suffer for those who haven’t.

It’s a tough call and other nations will be watching to see what happens with public opinion in Austria and the Netherlands.

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