We are the weakest link

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What is a tourist?

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who knows what will happen
Who knows what will happen?

A tourist is anyone who leaves home and travels elsewhere in the pursuit of a leisure interest. Some might say that the definition above is trite or simplistic but ts pretty accurate.

If you travel to a heritage site even a mile aweay that’s tourism. Go to a retail outlet ten miles or a hundred miles away and that’s tourism. Go ton a theatre coach trip or even a drive to a theatre and that’s tourism. To many people who define tourism to themselves as a week away in the sun it might not sound like tourism but it is.

Which is why the proposed changes announced by many countries this week will affect tourism.

Wales is making it mandatory from next Monday for those visiting cinemas, theatres and concert halls to show a vaccine passport. Many still don’t have one or are in the process of updating theirs due to the old letter not having a QR code that can be read by the European system.

We also haven’t been told whether it records booster shot details.

In France, over-65s will need to show proof of having received a booster jab on their health pass before they can enter restaurants, cultural events and intercity rail travel. That presumably applies to UK and other visitors from outside France. With the ski season only a month or so away, overseas skiers need to keep abreast of changing rules or forget about holidaying there.

Having done away with its health pass, it looks like Denmark will reintroduce one and it will be probably become mandatory to be able to show a pass in order to enter bars and restaurants just as it has become legal in Austria to do so. Italy already has a similar rule.

Germany is mulling over tigher restrictions if all Geerman states can be persuaded to act in unison. If states act on their own as has happened in Australia and the USA, then confusion will make some travellers shy away from travel at all.

Increased case numbers in Europe have caused this caution by nations. The World Health Organization now says that more than half of the increasing surge in the world is to be found in Europe. And with fewer travel restrictions in place, the number of cases could spread.

That is what is concerning some travel companies and airlines. Will travel restrictions be introduced not necessarily by European countries but by nations where vaccination take-up is lower?

Who knows!

But it is causing some pressimism amongst both travellers and the travel industry. And travellers are the weak link. They could just say, forget it. I’ll stay at home!

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