How Thailand is faring

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Thailand re-opened its border to tourists a week ago.

Pattaya, the second most popular destination for visitors to Thailand. This is Jomtien Beach. Image © Tourism Authority of Thailand

In that week, have tourist numbers lived up to the hope that Thai tourist boards hoped for even allowing for the fact that there are controls still in place?

For example, even fully vaccinated holidaymakers will need to spend their first night in a government-approved quarantine hotel and mask wearing is compulsory outdoors as well as indoors.

You will still need to take a PCR test before you leave the UK and another when you arrive in Thailand.

If you haven’t completed the full vaccination process or can’t be vaccinated due to medical issues you can still enter Thailand but you must quarantine at a state registered facility and you will not be allowed to leave your room except for medical treatment or testing.

There have been glitches in the system that the Thai government uses such as an inability to read some QR codes on vaccination passports which have yet to be seolved but that hasn’t stopped an increasing number of people applying for entry to the country. Or at least yet. A lot might depend on how quickly the glitches are fixed as prolonged problems may cause people to seek other destinations for their holidays.

With 40 million visitors a year in pre-pandemic times, Thailand would obviously like a return to those millions as soon as possible. The latest figures suggest that only about 70,000 people have visited Thailand this year but, then, the season has only just begun.

With a “don’t travel” notice deterring Americans from travelling to Thailand and onerous restrictions on visitors returning the China, Thailand is hoping that British, European and Australian tourists will help start their tourist economy this year

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