Paper proof of your COVID status

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If like me you have a letter from the NHS confirming you have been double jabbed, check the date.

This card will not be accepted as proof of vaccination. Download the letter from the NHS website. That is acceptable proof

If the paper version is before November 1st you might want to get an updated version unless you also have an electronic NHS COVID-passport as well.

The reason?

Because some countries will only accept paper letters which are dated on or after November 1st 2021. These letters can be scanned; previous ones could not.

As a result, Germany, Greece, Italy and Lithuania for example will only accept paper proof of your status if you have the newly dated letter. If these four are any guide then you can expect at least all the member countries of the EU will also want the same updated paper proof.

It has probably come about because the NHS COVID Pass is now linked up to the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

It is yet another small hassle for travellers and holidaymakers to have to face. You will have to go into the NHS website of your home country and print a new docment. Most people will also print a spare – just in case!

I confess that having both an electronic version and a paper version of my status gives a bit of comfort in case of a problem.

Having gone to the trouble of obtaining a letter I know need to get the newer version, largely to give me peace of mind as I begin to travel again.

In truth I would have needed to get an updated letter anyone in a little while because I should be called for my booster shot in the next month and I am assuming that the fact that I have had the booster will appear in the letter so I will wait until that is completed before I do anything.

As I mentioned earlier, it is lucky that I have an electronic version which I assume will be updated automatically once I have had the booster.

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