Caribbean Comeback

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This month is Caribbean Tourism Month.

peaceful, quiet Grenada is one of your Caribbean choices this winter

Held every year in November at the start of the peak holiday season in the Caribbean, this year the theme is – appropriately enough – Caribbean Comeback.

The theme and the way that it is promoted around the world is designed to demonstrate that the region is on the way back from what the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) calss “the devastating impact of the pandemic.”

That is why the CTO has also decided that 2022 will also be the year of wellness in the Caribbean. With the increasing mental and physical toll that COVID-19 has had and its effect on our well-being, it says that the Caribbean is the place to visit or return to for wellness.

Co-ordinated by the CTO, the month will stress the range of initiatives, and stringent protocols, that are in place to persuade you to holiday in one of the Caribbean nations or islands.

Britons who passed on a summer holiday seem much more ready to consider a long-haul holiday this winter especially as some of the islands are ideally suited for social distancing and open-air activities. What else is the Caribbean known for if it isn’t sea-related activities, outdoor dining, environmental activities and fun?

That airlines are increasing the number of services suggest that they think bookings to the Caribbean will be good this season

The month will also reaffirm a theme taken up by the CTO before the pandemic hit – sustainable tourism or as it puts it, One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean.

So successful has the bounceback been for some destinations that some have recorded arrival numbers that rivalled, and in some instances, surpassed, the corresponding months in 2019. yet werever you go in the Caribbean there is plenty of room and accommodation for all at a range of prices that most will find comfortable.

Or as one travel agent I spoke to said, “Forget the budget blues and get the Caribbean hues!”

Given the weather over half-term, going to a place renowned for the warm weather and sunshine means that travel agents, tour operators and destinations might nor have to work so hard to persuade us to make the Caribbean a priority for this winter.

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