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On the face of it, for the travelling public there wasn’t a great deal of news in the budget.

George Best Belfast City. APD on domestic routes has been cut in the budget

Fuel duty was held at its current rate for another year and there was a 50% cut in Air Passenger Duty (APD) for flights between airports in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

VAT on tourist services had been reduced to 5% but has now risen to 12.5% which will last until March 2022 when the assumotion is that it will go back to 20%. Expect to see some rises in accommodation prices as providers pass the cost on to guests. But since prices for accommodation in the UK have been robust (a polite word of saying high) will we notice the difference?

But hidden away in the announcement about regional investments as part of the Levelling Up Fund there was money for the development of tourist projects. In all 107 local authorities received grants but not all will be for tourism.

Here are some of the grants in no particular order which should improve tourism

Here is just a selection

Inverness Castle – a Victorian structure rather than an ancient Scottish castle – has received £19.8m towards its redevelopment .

Montgomery Canal in North Powys gets £16 million towards its restoration. Some of the funds will also be used to restore the canal to the national canal network.

£19.9m for Twycross Zoo (National Science and Conservation Centre)

In Northern Ireland, Newtownards to Bangor greenway & Comber to Newtownards greenway for a cycling development project – £3,216,000

Causeway Coast and Glens – Portrush Recreation Grounds – £1,659,500

Littlehampton seafront and riverside – £19,424,597

Manchester – The Culture in the City project – £19,823,516

Pembrokeshire – Heart of Pembrokeshire Rediscovering Haverfordwest (Cultural Regeneration) – £17,700,266

Southend-on-Sea – Infrastructure Upgrades to Coastal Attractions

Of course, the road improvments that were also announced will help motorists, holidaymakers and day trippers in the long run. But first there will be the inevitable roadworks!

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