Will others follow Morocco?

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Morocco has banned flights to and from the UK due to COVOD-19.

Morocco has banned flights from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands

But it is all a bit confusing because the country has banned flights not those living in the UK travelling to the country.

Is this an oversight, a mistake or is the measure just targetted at airlines?

At the same time Morroco has banned the flights from Germany and the Netherlands for the same reason.

The common feature between the three countries banned is that they have an increasing number of infections.

Little warning was given so people from each of the three nations still in Morocco had no opportunity to leave before the ban went into place yesterday morning.

Then a rather strange thing happened. Advice came from the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to take flights via third countries such as France and Spain. Normally a government would not recommend breaking a ban which suggests it was caught on the hop by the news and the speed with which it was implemented by the Moroccans.

Or that the Moroccan measures were just directed at the airlines of those three countries. I find that difficult to believe. To me it looks as thoiugh the Moroccans banned flights from the three countries because they mistakenly thought that would ban people living in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. They had forgotten – in the case of the UK – that Paris and Madrid are big hubs for Britons.

Last night, the FCDO sent out a travel advisory saying that the Moroccan government was planning to implement repatriation flights back to the UK, Germany and the Netherlands but so far there are no details.

If Morocco which sees about 700,000 Britons holidaying and visiting each normal year, and therefore has an economic interest in wanting Britons to travel there, has taken this action will others follow as they see increasing cases of COVID-18 in the UK?

That must be the worry for those working in travel and for those planning or having booked to travel to places where there is a very low incidence of cases.

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