Rewarding hotel guests

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As things return to pre-pandemic travel levels, I was reminded when staying in a Devon hotel this week, that hotels could be fairer to guests.

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Reward the short-stayer with a discount

I know that there are loyalty schemes where if you stay for a hundred nights in six months you get a free cup of coffee and things like that but they tend to reward the business traveller and the retired.

For the hotel guest who stays in hotels for just a couple of times a year or less there is little incentive to be loyal to a hotel or even a brand.

There are offers like stay four days and pay for three but these are only at certain times of the year.

It would attract more hotel guests if there was a scheme whereby if you stay two nights you get a 2.5% discount for each additional night up to five nights.

Why do I suggest this?

Because hotels don’t change the bed linen or the towels each day. They are saving on laundry bills so why not explain that to the guest and reward them accordingly by giving a small discount? The vast majority don’t relenish the soap or shampoo each day. Usually it is just making the bed and folding the towels and that is the limit of daily housekeeping.

Yet if a person stays just one day, the workload and costs increase for a single night stayer for everything has to be changed. Rewarding – even at the modest amount I suggest – would be a nice thank-you.

It might encourage a few more to stay another night but it would also tell the guest that you were going to share savings with them.

It’s just a little idea to say thanks to the guest who isn’t on an expense account or who travels just a few times a year.

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