Heathrow – money grabber

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You would have had to be ;iving on another planet not to know that the travel industry has been badly affected by the pandemic.

Heathrow is not helping the travel industry by asking for such large fees

Airports have been hit because there are have been no passengers travelling through them which means that the shop owners have had no customers and little to pay their rents to the airport owners.

But trying to recapture some of that lost revenue with the huge hike in passenger fees that Heathrow Airport is suggesting is unfair on airlines and, most importantly, passengers.

At present the average passenger fee is £22, a price that is inclkuded in the cost of the ticket.

Heathrow wants to raise this to £43, virtually a 100% increase.

The CAA has allowed £30 fee from Jamuary, a still substantial increase of over 25%.

I fail to see that this is justified and airlines will shout long and loud about how the airport is taking advantage of its pre-eminent and – in some case – monopoly position.

I wonder whether Heathrow slapped in an unrealistc fee hoping that it would get a sizeable figure with which it could be satisfied? By being knocked back by the CAA it can publicly claim it didn’t get what it wanted.

Coming as it does after a £5 drop-off fee starts on November 1st with potentially an £80 fine for non-payment and Heathrow is really milking its situation as the main airport for passengers who don’t have options either due to distance or for destinations where only Heathrow has a service.

Thankfully, I don’t have to use Heathrow.

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