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We knew the USA would be opening up but only now do we know when.

King Kong and Harry Potter at Universal Studios will attract British/Irish visitors

The USA, which has been one of the countries that has tightly controlled the movement of international travellers, will re-open its borders to some people as from November 8th

In addition land borders will also open between the USA and Canada and Mexico enabling tourists, for example, to see both sides of the Niagara Falls (the Canadian side is the more interesting) or to take a quick hop into Tijuana in Mexico as a day out from San Diego in California.

Unvaccinated visitors will still be denied entry into the USA.

There will be some exemptions – probably children under twelve for example – but the US government hasn’t decided on this at the time or writing.

However if you are planning a visit to the USA check that the vaccine you have received is on the list authorised by the US government or the WHO. In practice it is unlikely that this will affect anyone travelling from the UK or Ireland.

Even if you are fully vaccinated there are still hurdles.

Non-U.S. air travelers will need to show proof of vaccination before boarding a flight, and will need to show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test. Acording to the CDC website, an antigen test will be acceptable but check closer to the time in casethe advice alters. there will also be contact tracing provisions put in place by the CDC

On the plus side there will be no quarantine requirements.

The CDC plans to soon issue new rules on contact tracing for international air travelers.
travellers must remember that COVID-19 rules can be different in states from the overall federal guidelines so check the rules of the state that you are visiting. If visiting more than state – say on a twin-centre holiday – check both.

California and Florida will be the two states that many of the 3.8 million annual visitors from the UK (this was the 2019 figure) will want to visit. Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Lego and all the other attractions will be awaiting British and Irish visitors with open arms as will the cruise companies that take people around the Caribbean.

All have been waiting for the re-opening of international travel and whilst it won’t be in time for half-term, it will be in place for Christmas and new year holidays.

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