No more ladies and gentlemen

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Did you see the story that British Airways pilots and cabin crew have been told not to refer to passengers as ‘ladies and gentlemen’ during their tannoy announcements?

Qantas staff could just say G’day

For what BA “diversity and inclusion” reasons it has asked its staff to use other forms such as “passengers” or “customers.”

BA isn’t alone in doing this. Many airlines have adopted this policy as they try not to displease any passengers flying with them. Train comapnies have also altered their announcements.

But I will miss the old greetings because “ladies” and “gentlemen” were words that use to mean that people were a bit special. It was almost as though we were being treated better than we were. I suppose the “Good morning sir” and “Good morning madam” that you used to be greeted with as you got on a plane have also gone the way of time

Now, what does it matter? Most passengers on planes aren’t treated as special anymore. On some airlines “Hello cattle” would be a more appropriate greeting.

Maybe the greeting should become more cultural and based on where the airline is based. Qantas could offer a “G’day” and airlines based in the USA could just say “Hey.” A Welsh airline – if ever one starts up again – could use “What’s occuring” if Ruth Jones would allow it.

Or airlines could borrow catch-phrases from long gone stage personnel so passengers on night flights from the UK could be “Evening all” and during the day could be “Hello my darlings” or “Nice to see you – to see you nice.”

Perhaps a better phrase might be “Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once” since some times the message gets garbled! Or how about “Hello sweetie” used by River Song in the Dr Who series?

Proably the terminator’s “Hasta la vista baby” isn’t right but for those who managed to fly in lockdown airlines could use “Hello you lucky people.”

What they shouldn’t use is a very old radio catchphrase, “Hello, how are you? As if I cared” even if it is true most of the time.

Call us what you want but most of us want to be treated like ladies and gentleman rather than cash cows!

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