Only seven countries are on the red list

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As Just about Travel mentioned yesterday, it was rumoured that the countries on the red list would be drastically reduced.

Modern art in the Dominican Republic – Rahdames Majia,’s “Signos Aldredos” seems to show the shock at not being removed from the red list

For once a rumour proved to be correct.

When Grant Shapps – Transport Secretary – started tweeting in the late afternoon, we learnt that just seven countries would remain on the red list. The other 47 were removed making travel options almost as wide as they have ever been since there always some parts of the world that we will be advised against travelling to due to war, disease or another reason.

Needless to say the industry is delighted.

The boss of, one of the very largest of tour operators said “This marks a genuine reopening of international travel…” and the boss of Travel Counsellors remarked that it was “another extremely positive step, as we move closer to unrestricted travel.”

That hoary old phrase, “pent-up demand” was used by both bosses as they talked about travel and only now will we see how much of that so called demand really exists.

Jet2 says it is enjoying a “strong” booking period and that “Winter and Summer 22 are shaping up to be very busy indeed” but we still have no solid numbers of what that means.

As Just about Travel has written time and time again, the travel industry does talk up the level of business supposedly to attract others to book.

But in the short term it does make travelling a bit easier and it will be easier still – and cheaper – if, as suggested by Grant Shapps in interviews he gave this morning to almost any media that would have him, cheaper and faster lateral flow tests replace PCR tests soon for people returning to the UK.

Rather than list all the countries that were removed from the list, here are the seven which remain on the red list and to which you will still need to quarantine at your expense in a government nominated hotel on your return.

Dominican Republic

Of the seven, the Dominican Republic is the one destination that will most affect British holidaymakers as it was very popular spot with over 160,000 visitors per year prior to the pandemic. the tourist authority there must be hoping that it will soon be removed.

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