Preparing for a half-term break

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With half term fast approaching, travel companies are anxious that you book a break with them for the week.

Lake Geneva
Geneva – a panoramic view from Lake Geneva

But that means picking a destination that will accept you without the need for quarantine or with having to face testing regimes that might interrupt the few days that you have away.

A lot depends on whether you have completed you course of vaccines and whether it has been fourteen days since that completion.

If you haven’t been double jabbed then you are hardly going to have any holiday time unless you enjoy staring at the walls of your hotel for a few days.

If you do decide to go abroad, the most obvious countries to consider are close by. Check the FCDO website for the destinations you are considering and make your decision on what you find there rather than the spin that might be put on a destination by a tour operator or airline.

Check also about travel insurance. Some countries insist you have it and at certain levels to cover any medical care you might need.

If you are considering a longish journey – say to the Caribbean or the Gulf – it becomes even more important to check the rules and to check the rules of the airline that you might take. the airlines may impose more stringent requirements particularly if you are not on a direct flight to your destination but landing in another country where you have to transit.

Suppose you are considering a city break. Places like Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Vilnius or Rome might be on your list for consideration just as easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz or Jet2 might be your carrier of choice.

Switzerland doesn’t consider the UK (classed as a high-risk country) as having a variant of concern now so flying to Geneva just requires you to be double jabbed or to have had a PCR test.

You can therefore enjoy the delights of Geneva without having to consider curfews, quaranting, test scheduling or the like. And the same applies to many other destinations

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