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On the same day that a new extension tio the underground network opened in south London a bigger and more lucrative extension was re-opening.

Minnie & Micky Mouse
Disney will be happy to see more Britons travelling to California and Florida again

The US government announced that as from November it would open its borders again to imnternational visitors. Not just British visitors but visitors from anywhere that follow the new rules that come into place.

Those rules are
1 – that people have completed their full vaccinatiion treatment.
2 – get a negative Covid-19 test result within three days of travelling.
3 – provide their contact information.
4 – children under two don’t need to be vaccinated

And there is need to quarantine regardless of your country of origin.

That there seemed to be no sign, a couple of days ago, that the ban was to be lifted means that there are grey areas still to be clairfied such as what sort of tests will be allowed? Will all WHO approved vaccines be acceptable or just those that the US has approved? What about those who, due to underlying medical conditions. cannot be vaccinated? What about those travelling with children older then two who haven’t been vaccinated? When, in November, will the rules actually change?

At the time of writing there is nothing posted on the US Department of State’s website about the new rules. Nor has the US embassy website in the UK been updated since September 1st.

About 3.8 million Britons a year travelled to the US each year prior to the pandemic according to the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. That makes it a more important travel market than, for example, Greece, Portugal or Turkey.

People pay more to travel there than to many European destinations and they tend to stay longer.

The link between New York and London is said to be the most profitable in the world and the UK-Florida market is one of the most lucrative for both British and American travel organisations.

That is why the travel industry is excited and relieved and why shares in airlines such as the parent company of British Airways had increased in double digits yesterday afternoon and continued to rise this morning.

Even though there are issues to be ironed out, for long haul airlines and tour operators this announcement hase revived confidence.

Now all they need to see is if there is a willingness to fly in pre-pandemic numbers.

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