Hoilidaying abroad just got rosier!

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One of the worst kept secrets of the last week or so has finally been officially confirmed.

Oman could be on people’s winter sun destination list now it has moved from red

Grant Shapps has announced that the traffic light system is to be dumped and at the same time he has removed some countries from red.

Bear in mind that whatever is written here applies only to England at the moment and that the other home nations need to decide whether to follow. Scotland is not minded at the moment to follow the Westminster government on testing changes and Northern Ireland and Wales have yet to make tgheir minds up.

There is now no green or amber list just a red list. What was called green and amber is now the Rest of the World list.This means easier and less confusing travel. But you will need to check after finding that you destination is not on the red list is what are the restrictions in the place you plan to visit.

From 4 October, fully vaccinated travellers will not need to get a pre-flight test before returning toEngland from a non-red list country. And from an as yet undetermined date in the same month you won’t have to take a PCR test on day two after your return just a lateral flow test which is cheaper and easier to arrange.

In addition, from 4am on Wednesday 22 September Bangladesh, Egypt, Kenya, Maldives, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey move to the amber list making travelling so much easier and cheaper now that compulsory hotel quarantine won’t be required. But that still leaves about fifty countries on the red list.

And Bodrumin Turkey will definately see Britons this winter

Tour operators will be relieved that Egypt and Turkey have moved. Three weeks ago, Just about Travel pointed out the disappointment in the industry when Turkey wasn’t moved to the amber list. Now both destinations will be open for the half-term holiday period winter. Watch for a big surge in bookings over the weekend.

Oman will also see bookings as the Gulf area becomes more and more popular as a long-haul winter sun destination.

For those with family in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka there will also be a rush for bookings so that families can meet up again.

as will Kenya

Few destinations in Africa and off the coast are available easily to travellers so adding Kenya and the Maldives adds to a wider range of destinations.

All of a sudden, half-term and the winter holiday season is looking rosier!

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