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From Immersat, which operates mobile telecommunications satellite networks, comes some news suggesting that Britons make up one of the most confident peoples who are willing to fly again.

We seem to be more comfortable about flying again

Only those living in Greece, Brazil and Australia are more confident about flying.

Given that the USA is hovering around pre-pandemic levels for domestic travel it suggests that – if Britons had fewer restrictions on movement – they would return to flying in a surge.

That will buoy airlines and tour operators who have been moaning for months about the UK government’s traffic light system.

The grapevine says the system will disappear shortly and that an announcement by Grant Shapps could be made this week.

The survey – Passenger Confidence Tracker 2021- also suggests that 60% of airline passengers are happy to fly by end of the year which is thirteen percentage points up over last year’s tracker. Surely another sign that confidence about flying again is returning?

But people still have qualms, the top three barriers globally to flying again were quarantining, unpredictable border closures and confusing safety protocols.

These are all government imposed restrictions rather than airline or tour operator ones and once again demonstrates that governments go their own way rather than join together, the best example being the EU – a supposed group of nations that say they will work together and then don’t.

The tracker, carried out across sixteen countries was composed of 10,110 online interviews

It also says that quarantine is now a bigger worry for passengers than catching the virus at the airport or onboard the plane and 84% of passengers think COVID vaccine passports are a good idea.

But the survey also point out that 35% of passengers say that their say travel habits won’t change post-pandemic. Does this mean that they are still still be hesitant about flying?

Or does it mean that they were going abroad anyway and nothing will change their minds?

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