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I have never taken a cruise before. I’ve been on ferries that have taken over a week to visit their ports but never on an actual cruise.

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I’ve been going around in circles and getting nowhere © Dan Sperrin

But after booking a long cruise for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, I turned my mind to insurance and – in the first instance – cancellation cover.

But having tried the comparison websites and then a few of my normal ports of call (if you will forgive the pun) I am unsuccessful in what I want.

I face a number of problems.

The first is that the cruise is still eighteen months away.

Secondly it is over 31 days in duration and finally it is going to countries that are – at the moment – on the FCDO don’t travel list.

My next recourse was to contact the cruise company. Unfortunately I had to do that online rather than speaking to a human. They do have a tie-up with a company so I tried them. After feeding in all the personal data their quick quota system hasn’t come back with even a snail quote yet despite me trying it twice as I thought that maybe the first time it was my laptop playing up. After another two attempts and fifteen minutes later I decided to throw in the towel!

I went to the cruise company’s “Frequently Asked Questions” section but there was nothing suitable so I sent an e-mail. No answer yet.

I rang a local insurance broker who is getting back to me.

Back to the internet then to see if I could find a company and yes I did. The problem was that it was an American company that wouldn’t accept British addresses. Another would only provide insurance for round-UK cruises.

There are so many unhelpful companies on the internet who crop up at the top of the list in a search and then have nothing suitable at all. All they have done to try and attract business is to insert a word before their own business name to get people like me to click.

I’ve had enough for today.

Maybe when I recover I’ll have another go. Unless readers have other suggestions in which case they can write to me at the usual address.

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