Herd immunity? Last year’s idea?

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The reason for the question is that many people have said that once herd immunity is reached we shall be able to travel abroad more freely.

Mauritius just became more inviting

But who defines what that is?

Even if such an organisation as the WHO says it has or hasn’t been reached, countries will make their own decisions on what the level is.

Mauritius, for example, has said that herd immunity was reached at 60% on August 30th so it announced an easing of restrictions on international travellers. Vaccinated travellers will now only be required to spend seven days in a ‘resort bubble’ hotel, down from 14 days

But if the country has reached herd immunity by its own criteria it is remaining cautious in announcing that only from October 1st will curbs are relaxed further, allowing visitors to explore Mauritius without restrictions from the moment they arrive as long as they submit a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival.

But if 60% is the level in Mauritius, in the Australian state of NSW, the figures being bandied around are between 70-80% having been fully vaccinated which may occur as early as late October. There is talk that Australia will allow travel corridors with contries where 80% of the adults have been fully jabbed.

The Philippine health minister has said that herd immunity is about 70%

In Canada, Public Health Ontario says 90% whilst Prof. Paul Hunter from the University of East Anglia says seven-eighths of the population needs to be fully vaccinated.

But in the UK we already have over 78% of those over 16 having had a full vaccination treatment so why aren’t politicians and medical number-crunchers talking about us having reached herd immunity?

Is that they don’t believe 78% is sufficient?

If that is the case could they say whether it is 80%, 85%, 90% or whatever.

Or is it that the idea of herd immunity as a way to stem the spread isn’t a concept anymore? If it still is a goal, can they also say whether restriction-free travel both outward annd inward is dependent on other countries reaching a similar percentage as well.

Whatever the answer it would be nice to know so we have something to look forward to.

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