Don’t visit Cornwall unless…

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That is the tenor of an interview that Malcom Bell, the boss of Visit Cornwall, gave to the Press Association.

Watergate Beach in Cornwall. make sure you have accommodation before you travel. Image © Visit Cornwall

But that isn’t the whole story yet some media such as The Guardian have headlined that fact.

Bell actually said don’t visit unless you have booked accommodation.

There was a similar story in 2018 when Bell appeared to say something similar – except it wasn’t quite as reported by some media either.

He also asked people who were travelling to Cornwall to test themselves for Covid-19 before arriving as the county sees an increase in infections.

Why more infections?

Because of an influx of visitors.

But is it realistic to ask visitors to test before travelling? Bell isn’t the first figure to call upon people to test before travelling. Make Drakeford the First Minister in wales, also called on visitors to the country to test before they travelled and what effect did that have? Little or none as far as I can see.

Outside a tourist attraction yesterday, I asked people who had come from elsewhere in the UK whether they had taken any form of testing before travelling and not one person said that they had. Yes, the survey was unscientific and lacks rigour in its approach but I suspect the results are fairly typical of holidaymakers wherever they have travelled in the UK.

As to Bell’s main point – that people shouldn’t visit unless they have booked accommodation as opposed to turning up and hoping for the best – that makes sense at a time when people are flocking to tourist hotspots.

You wouldn’t travel to Tenerife or Corfu without having accommodation booked in advance so that you knew where you were staying so why does it happen for domestic holidays? It happens because people always think that there will be a little B&B or a cosy pub where they can put up for a few days.

That isn’t the case in many hotspots.

The conclusion? Plan properly before travelling.

And don’t just read media headlines but look at the complete story!

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