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One of the biggest concerns to future travelling has been whether the health certificate you get in one place will be acceptable in another when you travel.

IATA’s Travel Pass. Image – IATA

With the announcement by IATA that the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) and UK NHS COVID Pass can now be uploaded into IATA Travel Pass as verified proof of vaccination for travel, some of those concerns have gone away.

With over fifty airlines including Aer Lingus, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic trialling the IATA Travel Pass, it becomes more likely that the pass will become an acceptable international document for confirming that you have been jabbed.


Because the pass contains an electronic version of a traveller’s passport and their vaccination certificate in one place. This information can be shared with airlines and border control authorities who can have the assurance that the certificate presented to them is genuine and belongs to the person presenting it.

It has another administrative benefit for both travellers and authorities that need to access the various documents – less paperwork to study.

As there is no global standard yet, it is unsurprising that IATA is calling on the World Health Organization to develop a global digital vaccine standard based on the DCC/UK formats.

Using the work developed by IATA could ensure easy adoption by many more airlines and governments enabling slightly easier travel for people over what it is like at the moment.

And, being operated by a non-government organisation will allay some privacy concerns although IATA will want to maintain ongoing security testing against cyber attacks.

Whatever you think about travel, for the foreseeable future, governments, airlines, cruise companies and accommodation providers are going to want to minimise the risks to the business models. Having a single source electronic document that is trusted worldwide and that can tell them whether a person has been vaccinated, recovered or been tested negatively will make their lives a little easier.

And ours as travellers!

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