How long will jabs last?

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Previously, Just about Travel has pondered whether a double vaccination will require booster shots in order to travel after a year. The identified problem is that medical advice on how long a vaccination remains functional without needing a top-up is not really known yet. The feeling has been that just as flu jabs are a once a year regularity so might be COVID-19 jabs.

How long might this be valid in the eyes of the country you are visiting?

It seems some countries aren’t confident about the efficacy lasting a year.

According to a story in the travel agent forum website, Travel Gossip, three countries – Austria, Croatia and the Netherlands have set a travel limit of 270 days from the date of jab) for travel to their countries. That is slightly less than three quarters of a year.

In fact it is slightly more complicated than Travel Gossip suggests.

From the Austrian tourist board website the rule is as follows;

“You are considered “vaccinated” starting on the 22nd day after your first dose, lasting for 90 days from the vaccination date. After the second dose, the validity extends for another 270 days. Vaccines that only require one dose are valid from the 22nd day after that dose and for 270 days from the vaccination date.”

I interpret that to mean that a one-dose system doesn’t last as long as a two dose programme. One dose runs for 270 days; two doses run from 360 days because the guidance seems to be that you are vaccinated 22 days after the first dose of the two!

Whilst Austria states that jabs become effective from the 22nd day, the Dutch government says 14 days unless you have had the Janssen vaccine in which case it is 28 days. The Croatia government says 11days.

The Croatian government says people can visit up to 270 days after their jabs.

If you are planning on holidaying abroad in 2022 then, you will need to have had booster or another round of jabs, before travelling abroad. The jabs you have already had won’t be sufficient in most cases, to give you a summer holiday break in those three countries next year without a top-up.

Even skiing holidays this winter in Austria and Croatia will need holidaymakers to look carefully at the dates they were jabbed this year.

The decision by these three countries is based on what? That we haven’t been told but I suppose it is the much-used word during the pandemic – caution.

But what is the attitude of other countries? Just about Travel will update you as we hear.

It means 2022 holidays could be as fraught as those of the last two summers!  

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