Test price reductions. Why now?

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It seems that a week is a long time in travel as well as in politics.

Sajid Javid arrives at the health ministry and prices drop.

No sooner had the newish Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, announced that he would be referring the cost of PCR tests to the CMA, than the cost of other tests saw drops.

Within five days of his comments two things had happened. The first was that the CMA – after saying that investigations take time – said that it would move quickly and the second was that prices began to fall, courtesy of Mr javid.

He ordered the cut in test prices that the government controls on arrival back in the UK.

As those readers who have been abroad this year to green light countries, you still need tests on your return. It appears that those prices have dropped by about £20 to £68. For those returning from amber countries the prices have also dropped.

PCR testing prices are still about the same but it seems unlikely now that these price drops have happened that its costs won’t be reduced as well.

The question is, why has Javid managed to achieve this action when Grant Shapps who also complained about the prices back in April did not?

I know that Shapps is only the Transport boss but, as a cabinet minister, wouldn’t that have had some clout?

If the prices could drop now, why couldn’t they have been dropped earlier since there has been mounting criticism from the travel trade and others.

What has changed to make the cut happen now over previous complaints?

All I can suggest is that politics came into play. That mounting criticism either had an effect or, as a new health secretary, Javid wanted an “achievement” and this was easier than some would be. Whatever the answer, prices are still too high but maybe we need to wait for the CMA investigation to report before we see any more price reductions! After all, it would want some of the glory in having obtained price reductions, wouldn’t it?

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