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Last weekend there was the Berlin Freedom Dinner.

Tegel Airport – different to the last time I was there! Image and video – © Messe Berlin GmbH

At this event, 3,000 Berliners celebrated relaxations in lockdown by holding a dinner on the runway of the former airport, Berlin Tegel.

Reminiscent of our street parties where a good deal of fun was had by all, 1,018 dinner tables were arranged on an area to present a message to the world, “Berlin loves you!” along with a heart at the end of the message.

Primarily the purpose must have been to encourage travellers to return to Berlin (and the rest of Germany) now that people in nearby countries can travel more easily. For Britons – who form the fifth largest contingent of visitors to the country in normal times – it was a welcome reminder of Germany’s appeal to Britons.

Usually I go to Berlin each March for a very large travel trade fair. But I always tack on a few days to explore different parts of the city and its neighbours such as Potsdam with its Sanssoucci Place and Gardens or the film district – Babelsberg. I have walked along where the Berlin Wall once stood (surprisingly little remains for the tourist to see.)

But there are lots of things still to see even though I must have been there ten or twelve times. Like the famed zoo and, believe it or not, the Brandenburg Gate a place I have so far avoided because I always thought they would be crowded.  

Burkhard Kieker, the boss of Visit Berlin: “Berlin is back and invites visitors to enjoy the city of freedom.“

But the Freedom Dinner had a dual purpose.

Berliners are saying goodbye to Tegel Airport, which for many years was a key entry and exit point. Located to the north of the city, anybody wanting to use the airport had the choice of a taxi or a bus service either to the nearby train station or to continue into the centre.

It will no longer serve the city as a much anticipated new airport has replaced both Tegel and the other airport in Berlin, Schonefeld.

Tegel will become the “Urban Tech Republic“ To see how the party began and continued, click here to watch a short video or copy and paste into your browser,

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