Full vaccinations to be the norm?

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It rather looks as though if you want to travel anywhere in the world outside the UK, a full vaccination is going to be required.

Will jabs be necessary for travel in the years ahead? Image – Musée Rodin

The USA is reported to looking at ways to unlock the country so that people can travel into it and it all seems to hinge on whether you have had the full vaccination. If you haven’t had the full treatment meaning the one Moderna jab or both of Astra-Zenica or Pfizer then you look to be going to have a hard time entering the country.

Coming on top of the interview that the British transport boss, Grant Shapps, said on the Today programme last Thursday morning something along the lines that full vaccination, is going to be a feature forever more. Readers will tell me if I misheard him!

Last March, Just about Travel suggested that a full vaccination would become the norm and anyone not fully vaccinated would be at a disadvantage and that thought seems to becoming true.

That Shapps said “forever more” is probably just politician speak but what might be the future?

No-one knows just yet how long a full vaccination will give adequate protection. There is talk of a booster in the autumn. There is also the possibility of other variants that might require different jabs.

It could be that before holidaying in summer 2022, a booster jab will be a standard requirement for entry to some countries, particularly those with a slow vaccine roll-out. We just don’t know and, significantly, neither do the politicians or their medical advisors.

More time to analyse the efficacy of the jabs is required and that probably won’t come until later this year or early next.

Until then, holidaymakers should be aware that they still might face hurdles to overseas travel next year.

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