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The European Commission will charge Britons  €7 (about £6) to visit EU states from the end of 2022. Lest readers think this is discriminatory, the EU plans to charge all non-EU/Schengen visitors this fee

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It will cost you €7 to holiday in EU nations from late 2022 onwards

As the EU loves jargon, the fee will operate as ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) and will allow multiple entries over a three year period.

In 2019, 44.6 million Britons travelled to Europe for business, leisure and to catch up with family and friends. Allowing for the fact that some will go more than once and that the EU’s new entry fee lasts for three years it means that the EU could be earning between €70 and €80 million every year from the charges made on Britons.

So far he UK has not said whether it will or will not introduce a similar entry fee for EU and Schengen group visitors to the UK. Merely saying it has no plans at the moment. That doesn’t mean to say someone in Whitehall is not costing the exercise and looking at the tax raising possibilities. If the UK did go ahead and charge a similar amount, it would generate slightly less revenue than the EU would raise but, nonetheless, it is still a substantial sum.

Like entry systems to many countries, there will be an online form that will need completing before travel and obviously the fee will be paid prior to travel as well.

Approval should be pretty much instantaneous as it is with applications to enter the USA and Australia. If you don’t get a positive answer within a day then there could be an issue because, by its very nature, some people will not be allowed entry for a variety of reasons such as criminal activity.

Will it affect the numbers of Britons travelling to the EU? Probably not as it is too small an amount to deter travellers. It just means some more paperwork for us to do

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