Forget holidaying in red list countries

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When the latest list of which countries were in which traffic light zones on Wednesday, it was also announced that costs for mandatory quarantine on return from red countries would go up.

Cancun – an aerial shot – is high on the list for Britons but probably not in summer 2021

At £1,750 per person to many people this was a high price to pay.

Now it has risen by a further £535 to £2,285 for the first person and is £1,430 for a partner adult.

The price rises take effect as from August 12th giving anyone in a red list country just a week to decide whether to return and pay the existing costs or continue and pay the extra.

The government says that the rise is justified by the costs of providing the service. Some will also argue that if you can afford to travel to a red list country you can afford to pay the fees.

The increased charges probably means that many people will decide that travelling to a red list country costs far too much in money and inconvenience.

Cape Verde, Cuba, Egypt, Mexico and Tunisia are the five biggest holiday destinations for Britons that are now on the red list. Each can write off a summer holiday surge from the UK. Their hopes will rely on summer 2021 or possibly winter holiday breaks.

Could the government have raised the prices by so much because it wanted to deter people from holidaying in these destinations? Given that it has been leaked that if major holiday destinations went to red there wouldn’t be enough hotel rooms around London to place re list travellers, could that have had something to do with the price rise?

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