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The traffic lights system is amazingly simple. To everyone who has ever travelled on a road, red has always meant stop, green means go and amber, prepare to stop/prepare to go.

Not having an amber watch list might encourage people to holiday abroad and fill those empty deck chairs. Image – Dan Sperrin

But the British government made it slightly more complicated by introducing a green watch list which meant that those destinations on the list could move to amber with very little warning.

About a week ago there were rumours that there would be an amber watch list as well which meant that countries could slip on to the red list with little warning.

Government connections suggested that this would make it easy for travellers to judge whether they should consider travelling to those countries.

It didn’t provide comfort to people. It added a layer of confusion and made travel even more of a hassle in people’s minds.

So the news this morning that the government has decided to drop the amber watch plan offers some comfort to travellers. We still await government confirmation that this is the case. Although come to think of it because the government never announced the amber watch idea in the first place, how can it announce a change to it? If they say nothing the assumption must be that it won’t have an amber watch list.

See how confusing travel has become!

But this is only a crumb, not even a slice of comfort for there are still so many other things to deter would-be passengers from booking.

But the travel industry – anxious to attract bookings – has grasped this rumour and pointed out how useful it is for people (and of course the industry) to reduce confusion by doing away with an amber watch list. Even if the amber watch list was never announced in the first place.

It fails to say that there are other layers to make travel complex and makes no reference to all the rules that are in place in destination countries that are a deterrent.

By the way, Peter Schrank’s cartoon in The Times this morning pointing out that holidaymakers have faced eighteen months of hell and Afghanistan has faced 42 years of hell offers a perspective on life!

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