Misleading or an error?

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Although you might think that far fewer people are reading/glancing at newspapers than there were many decades ago, it hasn’t stopped the travel industry for running ads.

Ambassador’s only ship – Ambience. Image c. Ambassador Cruise Lines

There still seem to be enough to bulk out a thin news day so that it looks as though you are getting a good deal for the number of pages you buy.

In these pandemic days, I wonder how many of us are looking at the travel ads for places hot or far away and dreaming that, yes. I’ll go there when it is possible to travel more easily again. With green list, green watch list, amber, red and for all I know sky-blue pink traffic colours being introduced at the whims of government ministers, advertising hasn’t changed. It looks much the same as it did pre-pandemic and you still get howlers.

If you look through the weekend papers you will see ads for the new cruise line – Ambassador.

Did you spot the part of the ad that suggested that, from £989 per person, you could travel to Iceland, Greenland and Canada? Then in the print below it gives the route which is Tilbury-Rosyth-Torshavn-Reykjavik-Kirkwall-Lerwick and back to Tilbury.

Are any of these ports in Canada? No

But then look a little closer.

This relates to only a cruise on August 13th.

The ad lists four cruises and the length varies from 12-34 nights so it must be one of the longer cruises that goes on to Canada. Just one of the four cruises that the company is operating on a north-west Atlantic route goes to Canada

Is this a howler or is this misleading?

How many people will look at the ad, get a spark of interest and then go the website to explore a bit further? Finding out that for £989 you can’t get to Canada, will they turn away in annoyance?

The small print clarifies matters slightly but by then you might be hooked to go to Ambassador’s website where he cruise line is probably hoping that once they’ve got you this far, some people will book either the voyage that includes Canada or the shorter one to the Faroes, Iceland, the Shetland and the Orkneys.

You decide if it is misleading or just human error. Or smart advertising?

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