Vaccination – a key to travel

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On Tuesday, easyJet announced its recent trading figures.

easyJet thinks it will be flying about 60% compared to pre-pandemic levels over summer

They didn’t make pleasant reading for the airline or for those that have investments in the company but then, isn’t that was what was expected?

What interested me was not the trading but two other features.

The first of these was that, in the next quarter which is the summer, the airline expected to fly at 60% capacity of its pre-pandemic levels. It was hoping earlier this year to have an almost normal summer.

This suggests it is being affected by the chop-and-change policies of European governments and, in particular, the British government concerning travel restrictions and that some passengers are too wary to want to travel.  

This seems to be borne out by the fact that the airline says that it normally expects the ratio between British and EU passengers to be about 50:50. This summer it is more like 33:67 as Britons stay away for one reason or another.

The other item that caught my attention was research. Apparently 47% of responders to the research said that being able to travel was a key driver for many to get the vaccine.


What about getting vaccinated for health reasons as opposed to travel ones? What about getting vaccinated to curtail the spread to others? Does this mean that id there was no travel opportunity, these people wouldn’t get vaccinated?

Part of the same research showed that 83% believed that they should be able to travel freely to green and amber list countries without needing to take Covid tests to return to the UK if they are double vaccinated. Did they also believe that double vaccinated people should be allowed into countries without having to undergo or provide evidence of testing?

Without knowing the questions, when people were asked and the number of responses it is difficult to take the press release other than at face value.

And, at face value, there are some selfish people in the world.

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