Now Croatia imposes testing

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When Bulgaria and Croatia were added to the green list a week or so ago, holidaymakers might have thought they had two European destinations that offered them an uncomplicated possibility of a summer holiday.

panoramic view of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik – one of the most popular destinations for British visitors to Croatia

Their hopes have been dashed.

Firstly Bulgaria introduced as from last Monday, new entry requirements which preclude British residents from travelling there unless they were a family member of a Bulgarian national. That ruled out virtually every holidaymaker.

Now Croatia has changed the entry rules as from next Monday, 26th of July.

It now says that all UK visitors must provide a negative COVID test on arrival even if people have been double vaccinated.

At least holidaymakers won’t necessarily have to pay for the more expensive PCR test. Croatia will accept either an antigen test taken within 48 hours of arrival, or a PCR test carried out within 72 hours.

Regular readers can guess why both countries are taking these measures – the delta variant.

It may be hard for some to see why governments are so concerned by this variant given that the number of double vaccinated Britons is so high. Countries are concerned that even double vaccinated Britons may be able to pass the virus on to those who aren’t vaccinated.

The rapid rise in numbers to over 50,000 reported cases a day in the UK is also what concerns them. Could they copy with that number?

That case numbers may be dropping – on the 23rd of July there were less than 40,000 cases a drop of 8,000 on the previous Thursday – cuts no ice. The perceived threat comes from countries not having sufficiently vaccinated numbers to be able to deal with a much more virulent strain.

Until something like parity is reached, countries are going to require additional testing.

That is why virtually every country on the green list wants testing and why the British government wants testing on return. It all makes for an expensive time for holidaymakers. IATA yesterday called testing prices in the UK, “At best… expensive, at worst extortionate.”

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