No big cruise ships in Venice

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How many times have you heard or read that?

cruise ships dwarf the landscape in Venice.

And how many times has it be promised and never happened?

At long last it may be about to come true. I say “may” rather than will because I’ll believe it when it actually happens.

The Italian government rather than the local government area or the city itself has banned cruise ships larger than 25,000 tonnes from going up and down the Giudecca and mooring at the cruise terminal.

The ban takes place from August 1st and may have come about because UNESCO was talking about adding Venice on its world heritage watchlist because it felt that the large cruise ships were damaging the environment. The Italian government has said that it didn’t want Venice put on the list si finally acted ending a discussion that goes back decades.

In essence the new ban means that the waterways of St. Mark’s Basin, St. Mark’s Canal and the Giudecca Canal a national monument.

But if nor going to the cruise terminal where will cruise ships go? Some are already using Trieste which is about an hour and a half away by train but probably most cruise ships will dock at Maghera, an industrial port on the other side of the lagoon.

When Just about Travel last wrote about the issue, five weeks ago, a 92,000 vessel had sailed to the cruise terminal via the Guidecca. Then, the reason that was given was that the docks at Maghera weren’t ready to be used. In another two weeks they will be? That means that in just about seven weeks, the rather grimy area of Maghera has been spruced up enough to receive cruise ships. And in an industry renowned for being able to get things done quickly!

Just as doubts were in my mind in June about what we were told as to why the MSC Orchestra was sailing up the Guidecca, my doubts will remain until the first cruise ship docks at Maghera and not the Venice cruise terminal.

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