Goodbye Balearics; hello Bulgaria

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UPDATE: 16 July 2021

Bulgaria has placed the UK on the country’s red list as from 19 July meaning only Bulgarians returning home and people with residency are able to travel to Bulgaria from the UK.

The announcement that the Balearic Islands would move to the amber list along with the British Virgin islands in the Caribbean from July 19th didn’t cause the outcry that occurred when Portugal was moved a month or so ago.

Image – Ministry of Tourism, Bulgaria

The reason is that if you are double-vaccinated you can return to the UK without self-isolating. And thus the majority of over 35 year olds travelling to the islands won’t be affected. But for those under 35 who have just had one jab or none at all it adds a problem. Can they self-isolate as most will have jobs? The goodwill of their employers is what they be hoping for

They stand little chance of claiming on their insurance unless they have an enhanced policy.

With relaxations throughout the four nations, the people who will probably suffer are the younger age groups who are at the end of the queue for getting their final doses. Probably it will take them another month to get their final jab allowing them to avoid self-isolation.

Speaking positively though, the addition of Hong Kong, Taiwan and especially Bulgaria and Croatia to the green list gives two popular destinations for Britons the opportunity for those countries to attract more tourists. But of the four, Croatia and Taiwan are on the green plus list meaning their status is being carefully watched. Perhaps Bulgaria would be the better holiday bet in a few weeks time.

I say a few weeks because at he moment both Bulgaria and Croatia have FCDO advice on not to travel there and thus most travel insurance policies would be invalid. But that will probably alter once the right hand of government tells the left hand to create some unity in its thinking.

The Guardian claims this morning that France was being considered for adding to the red list.

Once again, the short-lived accession of the Balearics to the green list – just fifteen days – shows the risks that people seeking overseas breaks must face. Who could have foreseen a few weeks ago that cases would more than double in the islands in such a short space of time? Just about Travel wondered whether an amber listing was a possibility when it covered the story on June 29th.

Maybe we should have seen the signs given the outbreak of cases amongst Spanish students who flocked to the islands month ago and then returned to the mainland where positive tests amongst hundreds of them were found.

Taking an overseas holiday is still a nervous time rather than the relaxing one it should be.

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