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Just after 5pm in the UK, the British government announced that people who had had a complete vaccination course would be allowed to return from amber list countries without having to self-isolate or face tests of any sort.

Trabant bearing the words I love Berlin
We can visit Germany again

A few hours later the German government said that a travel ban on people travelling from India, Nepal, Portugal, Russia and the UK would be lifted. If visitors from those countries were double jabbed then there was no need quarantine but those that weren’t would still need to self-isolate for up to 10 days unless they paid for a negative test on the fifth day thus reducing the quarantine period by a half.

Only a week or so ago, we were reading stories that Angela Merkel wanted an EU wide ban on British travellers because of the delta variant spread. The Portuguese were castigated for letting the British in “early” after Portugal was put – briefly –onto the UK’s green list. France was supposedly supporting her view.

Why this change of heart by the German authorities?

The delta variant is still in the ascendant just as it was when Germany introduced the ban. The ration of deaths to cases is about the same level as it was on ban introduction day.

From a health perspective, what has changed since?

Nothing substantial that I can see so it looks as though politics has played a part.

The UK is the fifth largest source of visitors to Germany just as the number of Germans visiting the UK is important. Could that have had something to do with it?

Or is it political powerplaying after Angela Merkel’s visit to the UK last week?

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